Sunday, April 10, 2011

Have The Sunday Talk Shows Always Been This Awful?

I'm sitting here in the Catican reading and blogging while one of our sons is watching the Sunday news shows. The amount of ignorance on display from everyone, participants and hosts alike, is appalling. Man, I hope their ratings are low. If you had them speak in Portugese it would answer my question posed a few days ago: How could the people of Portugal be stupid enough to think that they could endlessly spend more than they earned?

Bonus bit: Senator Schumer was holding forth on how we could maintain Medicare and Medicaid by improving efficiency. The hosts sat there and nodded their heads. Mine exploded.

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Anonymous said...

It's more fun to view them as drinking games. Once you figure out the guest's three talking points (this will take about five seconds), drink every time one is used (alcohol or coffee, you're going to be a mess either way). Chug when the talking point is a total non-sequitor to the question ("The weather is beautiful this morning, isn't it?" "Republicans are killing women and children!"