Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Audible Responds

I was whining a while back about how it was difficult to sign up as an affiliate for Audible.com. I wrote to them and whined there as well, complaining about having to fill in all kinds of forms and not being paid in Audible credits. Here's part of their reply:
I'm sorry that you find the sign-up process through Commission Junction to be troublesome, but CJ requires various bits of information because they are the channel through which you get paid. Unfortunately, we cannot pay you in "Audible credits."
My bet is that unlike Amazon, Audible is too small to run their own affiliate program. At Amazon, you just sign up your account with them and start posting links. It's that simple. Amazon, however, is a monstrous company that no doubt controls all of its own accounting and financial management tasks.

Still, it's kind of sad that they've made this so cumbersome when all I wanted to do was tell you how wonderful they are. I spent some time sulking about it, but when I considered the problem, I decided I was much more interested in letting you know how beneficial Audible has been to me than I was picking up a few more credits. So between now and the time I can find an easy way (or I give in to their semi-difficult one) to score some benefits for myself from this, I'll just content myself with posting the links as I mention the books.


Suburbanbanshee said...

Except that Audible IS Amazon now, so they should've loaned 'em some accountants.

It's more likely that paying in credits would be a tax nightmare (since each credit has variable value from 1 cent to over 50 dollars), so they're avoiding it.

K T Cat said...

That's a really great point. Also, I hadn't known that Audible was now a part of Amazon.