Friday, December 24, 2010

Comment of the Day

... is this one by Julia Dye over at the Wall Street Journal in response to an article describing how legally childish the ObamaCare bill is.
If you truly believe that you should pay more so that others have better health insurance, buy someone who needs it a health insurance policy. If each American who wanted to see this happen did so, even just a catastrophic care policy for someone else, most of the problem would be solved. But that's not what pro-ObamaCare folks want. They don't want to pay for it...they want to force others to do so.

And yes, I have in fact paid for an insurance policy for a few others I know that need a temporary hand until they get on their feet. In each case, the person worked hard to get themselves solvent, and in some cases paid me back when they could. They knew a real person with a real face had helped them...which is quite different than a faceless handout happens.
Julia, you rock on so many levels!

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Dean said...

As you know, KT, I hate ObamaCare on so many levels. (It is why I couldn't get behind a Mickey Kaus Senate bid. For as many things he is right on, he would've voted for O-Care. It's an automatic D-qer.

O-Care turns the whole notion of private charity on its head. Part of the value of churches and communities is that we do indeed look out for each other. But it is a social contract in which we enter voluntarily. O-Care, whether consciously or not, seeks to destroy this culture of giving and replace it with one of confiscation.