Friday, June 01, 2018

Prediction: The Kim Summit Is Going To Be A Massacre

Something occurred to me out of the blue today about the upcoming RocketMan - Trump summit.

I left the Republican Party because they nominated Trump, an unscrupulous, self-dealing, dishonest mountebank. His past was littered with broken agreements, stiffed employees, shafted unions and swindled customers. I now see the error of my ways.

Oh, Trump is still an unscrupulous, self-dealing, dishonest mountebank, but he's our unscrupulous, self-dealing, dishonest mountebank. Who would you rather have negotiating for you than someone who can take the Teamsters and Longshoremen to the cleaners?

Meanwhile, the Norks have RocketMan, a little dude who has gotten everything he's ever wanted, is surrounded by sycophants and wins debates by using anti-aircraft guns on his opponents. He's never had to negotiate anything more than deciding which of his lapdogs to execute as an example to the other lapdogs to refrain from mutiny.

It's going to be a massacre.

"Kim, you're a tough cookie, my friend, I'll give you that. I don't think I've ever run across someone with as much talent as you and I've negotiated with the best, let me tell you. Just because I like you and I want to make sure you leave happy, I'm willing to give in and let you destroy all of your nukes, open your borders and sign a peace treaty with South Korea."

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Foxfier said...

I'm pretty sure that Democrats nominated Trump, going off of the numbers in open primaries... it just bit them in the rump when they cheated their own voters, who either stayed home or switched over to the Dark Side.

But I hope you're right about the results.