Thursday, June 28, 2018

No Kennedy, Know Peace

I had a couple more thoughts yesterday about the Kennedy retirement from the Supreme Court, most of them optimistic.

Imagine that Trump nominates a young, strict constructionist. Imagine further that Roe v Wade and gay marriage are overturned and sent back to the states for local rulings and the possibility of amending the constitution. What does it really mean?

It means that the people will be given a choice about these key elements of their culture and their lives. It's not the Supreme Court's culture and it's not your culture or my culture, it's our culture and a strict constructionist will hand the power back to us. That's a very, very good thing.

You can hate on people all day if you aren't selling to them. You can call them racists, suppress their speech, harass and dox them, scream at them, drive their speakers from campuses and attack them in restaurants if you don't have to later try to persuade them to agree with you in the voting booth.

By taking major cultural decisions out of the hands of the people, the Supreme Court did away with many of the reasons the progressives had to behave in a civil manner. Why not howl that everyone who supported Trump was a racist if the big items were off the table? Who cared if you lost another governorship or legislature when you had the courts as your ultimate weapon? Able to crush Christian businesses and drive conservatives out of auditoriums and employment, the red tide at the local level was a relatively minor irritant. That changes when the big items are put back in play.

Yes, the campaigns will be loud and sometimes nasty, but if they want to win, the Democrats will have to reign in the violent and oppressive left. That's a lesson they're going to have to re-learn over time. Right now it's beyond them and they're going to keep calling for everything up to and including riots and physical intimidation. In the end, however, you'd think that a series of failures and the loss of prized "rights" would make them rethink the destructive path they're on right now.

I'm guessing that calling us deplorable won't work.

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