Monday, June 11, 2018

Maybe Actors And Academics Aren't Representative Of The Population As A Whole

After a week of intersectional feminism/racism/gender crises which included a case where a school essay had to be scrubbed because it had triggering words that might offend transgendered Eskimo midgets*, famous actor Robert de Niro participated in a widely-watched practically invisible awards show for entertainers giving prizes to each other by screaming obscenities at the president.

I don;t think he was arguing against bimetalism here.
Meanwhile, the president is doing what many had considered impossible for anyone and negotiating nuclear disarmament in Korea. In addition to that, he's starting a process of pardoning blacks who are in prison for non-violent offenses, leading to scenes like this one.

I'm guessing that right about now, Democratic Party election consultants are starting to wonder if throwing their lot in with Hollywood and the Ivy League was such a good idea.

* - OK, I don't have any evidence this happened, but you have to admit, you wouldn't have been surprised if it had.

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Mostly Nothing said...

I was on my computer yesterday evening, ordering from Rock Auto. And I turned on my TV next to it for background noise.

Oh, right, I gave my Roku to the boy when we went back up to MTU for the summer.

Flipping around the antenna. Tony Awards. Pause, what are they for again? Pause, don't remember, don't care, click.

Found a very bad B movie that Riff Track or MST3k undoubtably covered. Perfect.