Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Looking For The Playmobil Skid Row Set

Buried in work from all sides these days, I took some time to visit the bank to take care of some of my father's estate issues. That took two trips and more than 3 hours. I joked to wife kitteh that I was trapped in the Bank of America Adventure Playset. Then I looked online to see if there really was a bank playset for tots. I found this.

A bank robbery playset for children? What, was the Meth Lab Playset a bit too much? I'm hoping they move on to a homeless tent city encampment like we have out here in SoCal. What fun it will be to set up the tents! The kids can get a bag of tiny, used hypodermic needles to scatter around on the floor. Yay!



Ohioan@Heart said...

Gee, at least the California Marijuana Dispensary would be a play set representing something legal.

K T Cat said...


ligneus said...

What a weird world we live in.
As Churchill said, never give in.
Live in the way God gave us,
The way He gave to save us
From the Fool, Idjit and Fraud,
All the antithesis of the Lord.

There, a bit of weirdness from Old Lig! Feel free to laugh, groan, insult the 'writer' all you want. Inspired, if that isn't too high falutin' a word, just a teensy bit by the title of this most wonderful book.

Timothy Eisele said...

I agree that, by itself, the "bank robbery" set looks bad. But on the other hand, they do need to provide something for the various Playmobil police to deal with.