Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Goodbye, Evernote

... I'm moving to Google Keep. I live entirely within the Google ecosystem, with the exception of our Amazon Echoes. Using Evernote to keep little tidbits of information just doesn't seem to make sense. All of the Google apps work really well together.

Transferring all those notes from Evernote by hand (CTRL-A, CTRL-C, CTRL-V) is going to be a pain, but there it is.

As for the Echoes, I'm seriously thinking of buying a Google Home just to compare the two. Alexa doesn't play nicely with Google and sometimes it's answers are inadequate. A prolonged side-by-side experiment would be interesting.


tim eisele said...

"A prolonged side-by-side experiment would be interesting"

Especially if they start to argue with each other!

Mostly Nothing said...

How would you rate the evilness of the 2 companies?

As I try to extracate myself from the evilness of Apple (just can't give up a useful desktop with Unix underneath), I wonder which of these two empires is more evil? Google with their SJW or Amazon/Bezos blackmailing communities to avoid all taxes.

I did get an Echo dot and a harmony hub recently. Have started controlling the TV and lights, etc. Alexa isn't a search engine so its answers often lack. But we do like the trivia games etc.

Foxfier said...

Google with their SJW or Amazon/Bezos blackmailing communities to avoid all taxes.


I know that I pay quite a bit of sales tax via Amazon, first in Washington and now in Texas-- are you maybe meaning the bribes places offer Amazon to set up shop in their area? "Move here and we'll waive X taxes for Y years!"?

K T Cat said...

If I only used products from companies I found to be sufficiently Papist, I'd be limited to sustainable honey and possibly some Rosaries on Etsy.


Foxfier said...

No Mystic Monk1?!?!!

K T Cat said...

They once said nice things about the Jesuits. They're damned, to be sure.