Thursday, February 08, 2018

There Is No Love Without Suffering

My 88-year-old mom fell and broke the C2 vertebra in her neck on Tuesday night. There's no paralysis, but due to other health issues, recovery, if she manages it, will be long and complicated.

I sat by her bedside in the hospital yesterday and held her hand. She's a tough little dame, one of the toughest. She handled the tremendous pain well. In her hospital room, I felt what I had a few weeks ago as I did the same for my dying father - a tremendous sense of gratitude for the opportunity to love.

I've heard people question the existence of God because there is evil and suffering in the world, but this makes no sense to me. If our lives were nothing but painless joy, how would we love? It's in moments like this that we can show tenderness and compassion. Without suffering, there is no chance to love.

It's time to go. I've got to run to the hospital this morning in the hopes of catching the doctor as he makes his rounds. They're like leprechauns, you know. Everyone talks of these magical creatures called "doctors," but almost no one has ever seen one.


Foxfier said...

In our prayers.

...I hope that she wants to keep going. I know sometimes folks don't. I'm not sure that I'd want to, and I've only had Elfie a decade, and I've got some pretty big obligations that would keep me going.
But wanting to get better is a big part of getting better, too.

Love to you and yours. This is definitely one of those times when people say stuff like "it's challenging" and the nice reaction is to offer them a golden understatement award; words just don't go far enough.

ligneus said...

From what you say about her I have the feeling she'll recover quite well, I hope so, having a son like you is a good start.