Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Best To Do Lists

... are written on paper.

I've tried all kinds of ways of keeping track of what it is I need to do, but the only one that works is pen and paper. I've tried Google docs, apps on my phone and the Franklin-Covey Daily Planner and they all stink.

The problem with all of them is the extra steps. Open the app, click on Google docs, find the book and open it up, click on this, copy that. It's too much, I tell you!

Making the list fresh each day also reinforces in your brain what you need to get done.

What do you use?


Ohioan@Heart said...

Before I retired I had a hybrid system. Long term To Do’s were on my white board. Midterm (a few weeks or less ), were reminder alerts in my calendar, and today’s were in my head.

Now that I’m retired my To Do’s are kept in Mrs Ohioan’s Head.

K T Cat said...


ligneus said...

I'd be lost without my lists, lest my lists get lost my last list is listed twice then no lusting after a lost list, I have blessed lists, lustrous lists, blasted lists, glistening lists, lesser lists and last but not least, nasty lists. Are you listening?

So I'm in a silly mood tonight.