Saturday, January 27, 2018

The FBI Surveilled Trump Out Of Fear

What if, in mid-2016, the FBI panicked? Good Internet-friend and commenter ligneus tipped me off to the video below and it triggered the thought that the whole Trump surveillance thing was a product of fear.

First off, Hillary committed dozens, if not hundreds, of felonies, mostly briberies and security crimes from her emails. These were pervasive throughout her time as Secretary of State. They weren't small, either. Not only that, her whole staff were felons as well - the laws regarding information protection are clear and precise. All participants in a chain of deliberate security breaches are guilty. If you want to disagree with this, don't even bother to comment. You are wrong. Period. Full stop. You are wrong.

It doesn't stop there. Andrew McCarthy pointed out that President Obama was guilty of felonies for the same reason.
If Clinton had been charged, Obama’s culpable involvement would have been patent. In any prosecution of Clinton, the Clinton–Obama emails would have been in the spotlight. For the prosecution, they would be more proof of willful (or, if you prefer, grossly negligent) mishandling of intelligence. More significantly, for Clinton’s defense, they would show that Obama was complicit in Clinton’s conduct yet faced no criminal charges.
They all knew it. They had all been to the mandatory, annual security training which tells them in excruciating detail that everything Hillary was doing was a crime. Annual. As in every year. If you had worked at the FBI for 25 years, you'd been to it 25 times. That's not to mention the mandatory, annual ethics training or the mandatory, annual cybersecurity training.

All of those sessions told everyone who knew an ounce about Hillary's actions that she was a felon. The trial would have been something out of a Get Smart episode where the jury would have left the room, voted in the hallway to convict and returned in 30 seconds.

Why They Went After Trump

None of this was going to come out if Hillary won the election. The press were zealous guardians of the Party and had no interest in and possibly no ability to comprehend the crimes. The FBI would have been given Clinton Mafia protection by her administration if anything leaked. (Not that it needed to, it was obvious that the fix was in.)

What if Trump won?

Consider not James Comey, but the upper echelons of the FBI. Think about what it took to run the Hillary sham-investigation and who knew. Think of the document release approval and review chains, the staff meetings where progress was discussed and the internal budget discussions approving things like travel and support contractors. It's not that Comey and Strzok and the other high-profile people were in jeopardy, which they absolutely were. It's that everyone involved ran some sort of risk.

What seemed like a good idea at the time - hushing up the crimes of the boss and his corrupt cronies - became a tar pit that none of them could escape. The FBI itself became a crime family and they all had to follow the Omerta.

My speculation: Someone, somewhere in the chain, began to worry. It's a crazy thing to even discuss, but what if that lunatic Trump won? He talks big about Hillary being a crook and his supporters rabidly chant, "Lock her up!" What if all the dice come up snake eyes on election night and the guy, gulp, wins? Screw Hillary and Obama, what happens to us?

The surveillance wasn't designed to find crimes, it was designed to feed Hillary's team ammunition to make Trump's victory impossible. That she ended running her final month's campaign on Trump and beautiful women shows they didn't find a thing.

Why It's Still Going On

The whole Russian-conspiracy insanity is still going on because they can't stop it now. They are desperate to find something, anything, to direct attention away from themselves. Horror of horrors, their mafia protector lost and without her to shield them, this preposterous "investigation" of Trump is all they've got left.

Here's the video. It's excellent.


Foxfier said...

Anybody who is allowed in a building with "secret" stuff has to have that blanking training-- and while yes, there are a lot of folks who do minor violations (ironically it's usually the security officer....) but when people fail to follow it, there ARE ways to prove it.

They're not usually effective if you know you can't trust the chain, but there are ways.

I suspect that's why the missing texts suddenly were found--someone figured out they were a probable fall-guy if anything went wrong, and made dang sure to "accidentally" file copies in the wrong storage folder, etc.

I suspect you're right with your theory.

ligneus said...

Long article by Wolf Howling, worth reading.