Friday, January 26, 2018

The FBI Is Becoming The Gestapo

... that is, the surveillance and enforcement arm of a political party, the Democrats.

I've kept up a very modest interest in the whole Russia collusion thing. I've missed most of the details, but can't help tracking the general trend. The idea that the Russians favored Trump is ludicrous because they rely almost exclusively on petroleum products for their income and Trump's proposed policies would lower oil prices. There is simply no way a kleptocracy like Russia would favor an American presidential candidate guaranteed to threaten their wealth. It's ignorant stupidity to suggest otherwise.

The FBI is neither ignorant nor stupid.

If I were in the FBI, one of the things that would terrify me would be getting heavily involved in a general election campaign for president. Were someone to suggest that we surveil a presidential candidate or his staff, I'd need video of that staff accepting piles of cash from illegal sources or standing over dead bodies with dripping knives in their hands. Talk about a third rail!

The FBI went through the multi-level approval process of performing surveillance on Trump's team on the basis of an obviously fabricated document created by a known purveyor of political muck.

The FBI typically has a cordial relationship with Congress. Every department tries hard to do so as Congress controls their budgets and has extensive power beyond that. It's why you see department heads sitting respectfully while congressmen grandstand at their expense.

Yesterday, while reading a news article about the #ReleaseTheMemo campaign wherein Representative Nunes has written a 4-page summary of the FBI's corruption in the service of the Democrats, specifically Hillary Clinton as directed by President Obama, it hit me. The FBI must be completely out of control. That's the only reason something as damaging as this would be considered by Nunes and the rest.

Think how far down the list of levers to influence the FBI you'd have to go before you got to releasing a memo to the pubic informing them that the most powerful law enforcement agency in the country is hopelessly compromised. How desperate would you have to be? Some have said that this is all to protect Trump, but I'm not buying any of that. There are plenty of Rs in Congress who despise Trump and would be much happier with President Pence.

This is all just a continuation of the Hillary email scandal corruption, so it should be no surprise even if it's nauseating.

Do you want any president, be it Trump, Obama or whoever, to use the FBI to influence elections?


Anonymous said...

Pompeo, Republican head of the CIA appointed by Trump agrees that Russia meddled in Trump's favor.

K T Cat said...

Anon, here's what I found. Pompeo says the Russians meddled as they always do. Reuters puts in a paragraph that says

"U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election to try to help President Donald Trump win, in part by hacking and releasing emails embarrassing to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and spreading social media propaganda."

That quote isn't attributed to Pompeo, but the article is written to make you think it is.

Additionally, the article does not say that Russia meddled exclusively in favor of Trump, just that they tried to make a hash of things, again, like they always do. A little chaos and uncertainty in America is always a good thing in their eyes.

ligneus said...

This isn't the half of it, check out this video.

Helps you understand why Hillary went berserk when she realised she'd lost. Obama and the DNC figured they'd get away with it with her as Pres. They kind of miscalculated!

K T Cat said...

ligneus, that video is exactly right. When I started watching, I figured it was a crackpot conspiracy thing, but I'm a couple minutes in and it's all spot on.

For everyone else, don't think about the principal members involved in the drama, think of the approval and review processes the departments - FBI, Justice, etc. - require to take action. Think of the staff meetings and internal budget requests. Think of the office gossip. Hillary committed felonies and they all knew it. It's not a question at all. They all knew it and let the thing get turned into a sham.

I'll turn this into today's blog post. Thanks for the heads up, amigo.

Foxfier said...

The FBI must be completely out of control. That's the only reason something as damaging as this would be considered by Nunes and the rest.

There is the option that it would point to the other weaponized departments-- places where Really Bad Actors were put in power and allowed to go hog wild.

I'm pretty sure that at the very least, the Navy is one of them. Based off of the number of officers who got fired as fall-guys.

Basically, disagreement on if it's salvageable or not. (most charitable interpretation; there's likely also a non-zero "anything to hurt someone I don't like" thing, too)

ligneus said...

Trump is a Churchill for our times. [I'm old enough to remember the original. I remember at nine years old being mystified at him losing the election in '45!]

In certain respects, Trump's is the more difficult job, one hundred years of under the radar subversion, the 'long march through the institutions', inc education, resulting in a dumbed down brainwashed populace until obama and co thought they'd made it and overreached thereby giving the game away.

The other great Anglosphere country is fighting the same fight, hence Brexit.

The fight is far from over. Those ideologues on the left never give up.

Don't know how to post pics here, but there is a meme showing a picture of Napoleon with the text:
Great Britain, spoiling European union since 1815.

K T Cat said...

ligneus, I'd argue that Truth always wins, even if it seems to be losing for a generation or two. Dig Venezuela. Things looked good for socialism for a while, but Truth caught up with them.