Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Photos From Today's White Supremacist Rally And March In San Diego

Yesterday, Senator Corey Booker went off on some chick whose name I don't know and am too lazy to find. The topic was something about a place where they literally eat dirt, but Corey went right to the heart of the matter: white supremacists.

Here, Corey shows us all how enraged he was at white supremacists who use mild swear words.
I thought the whole thing was surreal. Even as his face began to contort in rage, I could see where his screaming was going to go even though the topic of eating dirt was seemingly disconnected from white supremacists. Further, as he yelled about crying over the s-word (or something like that), I wondered if I had heard it out of context. I couldn't recall a single white supremacist gathering of even a dozen of the creatures ever happening within 100 miles of me.

How wrong I was.

Things got real today in San Diego. Waving swastika flags where the swastikas were made up of tiny Confederate flags whose stars were even tinier swastikas, white supremacists gathered, marched, chanted slogans and terrorized the city. It was horrible. No wonder colorful people of color in colorful communities of color are living in fear. Below are the photos I was able to take as I made my way through the enraged mobs of Nazi racists.

I'll never see my home town the same way again.

The supremacists started their march here. You can't quite see how big the crowd was from this shot. It was probably a good 50% larger than it looks. I barely had time to use my coupons at Vons as I bought a week's worth of groceries, returned some shellfish that weren't fresh when I bought them the day before, rented a Rug Doctor and got a propane tank filled before I fled in terror.

Here, you can see them marching under their banners of hate. This is a lot more hate than I'm used to seeing in San Diego. It shocked me.

Even quiet neighborhoods were not spared.

More shots from the march. I tried to interview one of them, but he just snarled at me and walked on.

Peaceful, tree-lined streets in America's Finest City were turned into hellish scenes of hate-filled hate. It's hard to describe just how afraid I was at seeing them rallying here on this street. Tonight, I'm going to talk to my wife about moving to somewhere more tolerant and loving. Like Iran.

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ligneus said...

Best demonstration yet of Trump Derangement Syndrome. I'd love to see Trump tweet on it!