Thursday, January 25, 2018

If Your Argument Is, At Its Heart, A Lie

... you might want to rethink the whole thing.

I didn't want to post something snarky today because I'm not in a snarky mood, but I'm busy and snark is easy.

Gavin Newsome, who is some progressive digit from San Francisco (or somewhere like that), called Attorney General Jeff Sessions a racist because the Justice Department is going to pursue illegal aliens, even in sanctuary cities. Gavin is lying and he knows it.

A Mexican is a citizen of Mexico, it is not a race. An Hispanic is a member of a race or racial subgroup. Jeff Sessions wants to deport Mexicans here illegally, not Hispanics in general. It is a lie to call Jeff Sessions a racist and Gavin knows this.

How much of your soul do you have to sell to be comfortable basing your philosophical objections to an action on lies?

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