Monday, July 03, 2017

Rural Mississippi At 175 MPH

Mississippi is green. And by that, I mean GREEN. I swear, if you stood still for a while, the plants would grow right up your legs. It's fertile like Maui is fertile - a positive jungle when left to its own devices. Hot and humid, conditions are perfect for accelerated plant growth.

I took a short backroads tour of Mississippi around Hattiesburg with my GoPro Hero3 in its dashcam mount. Below is the video. I'm unimpressed with the quality and I never got the aiming thing down right. This is a crop of the original which included plenty of dashboard. The GoPro's fisheye lens captures a lot, but the lack of a screen on the back means you're shooting blind, pointing by guesswork. Oh well. Enjoy!


Mostly Nothing said...

Got a little car sick there. Sorry about that.

K T Cat said...

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