Sunday, June 25, 2017

Los Angeles - A Place To Avoid If At All Possible

Last night, we saw Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers at the Arroyo Seco Festival in Pasadena. He was awesome, but the crowd was, well, the crowd was a bunch of Los Angeles hipsters and airheads. Here's a snippet of the concert.

This was near the end of the concert, so it being LA, there was a steady stream of people leaving the place as he's playing so they can beat the traffic. It was festival seating, meaning we were all standing around. A quartet of LA airheads were gossiping loudly through the whole show. You can kind of hear them at the start of that video. During one song, the people in front of us decided to leave, so while Tom Petty is playing, they stand up and fight with their beach chairs for a few minutes, trying to get them to close to carry away. Then some friends run into them, also trying to leave and the group starts holding a loud conversation at the end of which they exchanged business cards.

I'm not kidding. They exchanged business cards. Unreal.

On the plus side, by the time the concert was 3/4 finished, enough of the crowd had left that we could move to a better spot. The airheads never left so their prattle polluted the whole show. What a pack of dingbats.

The biggest problem with LA is that it's the SoCal destination for so many great acts. Here in San Diego, we're cut off from many wonderful bands such Tom Petty and U2. They stop in LA and expect their San Diego fans to go up and mingle with a self-important dingledorks of Los Angeles in order to catch a show.

Sigh. At least Tom Petty was worth it. He's over 65 and put on a great performance. He must have played for nearly 2 hours.


Kelly the little black dog said...

I think you'll find horrible behavior at concerts almost anywhere. Haven't witnessed the business card thing, but definitely the leaving early. The biggest annoyance here in Colorado is that no one can stay put. There is a constant flow of folks to get a beer. Once its gone they go back again. It feels like almost a third of the row is doing this, so every couple of minutes someone is squeezing past you.

K T Cat said...

That's nuts! I've never seen it at assigned seating concerts.

Kelly the little black dog said...

Ya, people in this state feel naked if they don't have a beer in their hands at all times while attending a musical or sporting event.