Thursday, June 29, 2017

Catching The Cthulhu Vibe

Something is really weird out there, but I can't quite grasp what it is.

Jordan Peterson turned me on to the perils of postmodernism and the book he recommended is convincing me of its dangers. Before we explore that in later posts, here are a few things gnawing at me.

Pride Week. Just what are we proud of here? Jim Gaffigan, Catholic comedian, tweeted his pride for his gay kids. I thought pride was linked to accomplishment. Do what you want in your bedrooms, it's all one to me, but I don't see an accomplishment there unless it leads to children. Children are the only real accomplishment associated with sex.

Don't judge. One of the podcasts I sample off and on tries to be comic, but they pepper their dialog with, "Don't judge!" and they mean it. It took me a while, but I finally realized that not judging was what made their comedy fall flat. Comedy needs an edge. Without judgment, it's all soft and rounded.

Illinois and Venezuela. Could it be more obvious? Socialism is a failure. Period. And yet we entertain that nincompoop Bernie Sanders like he's a serious person.

Obamacare and its replacement. Another obvious failure. It never delivered on any of its promises, rates are way up, deductibles are way up and insurers are fleeing. It should be a given that it must be replaced, but the debate is couched in terms of maintaining its key benefits. We can't afford them. It should be crystal clear by now. Health care is a scarce resource, not a right.

Baltimore. It's not racism and it's not politics and it's not funding that is crippling an entire generation and yet that's where we center our debate. We discuss leprechauns and unicorns while these children suffer.
Q: What do these things have in common?

A: The rejection of objective fact and logical reasoning.
Sounds like postmodernism to me. Wild, man. I guess the Enlightenment is over.

The really weird part is to live as if there was such a thing as objective Truth and use logical reasoning in a postmodern world where subjectivism is the norm. You'll always be out of sync with the dominant culture. It feels Lovecraftian in a non-Euclidean geometry way.

Maybe we should just cut to the chase and bring on Cthulhu now.

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