Saturday, May 27, 2017

Tulip Color Mania

Specifically, a mania about the racial components of the tulips.

A few days back, low-wattage-bulb Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (what a great name for the topic!) was grilling the head of DC police over diversity in his department when it detoured into a discussion of a hard drive that had been seized from an aide of hers who had been shot.

Note: That same aide has been the subject of numerous psychotic breaks by the execrable Sean Hannity. In his delirium, he imagines the aide to be the victim of a massive political conspiracy. Sean's a rabid, partisan swine, so this is "normal" for him.

What fascinated me was not the fact that Wasserman-Schultz ended the interrogation by crudely threatening the chief of police, but the initial discussion about "diversity." I felt like I was watching some small town junior theater put on a play about life in Germany after Hitler's Mein Kampf had come out.
Reichsmarschall Wasserman-Schultz: Sie müssen mehr Deutsche mieten! (You must hire more Germans!)

Chief of police: Ich stelle mehr Deutsche und weniger Juden und Slawen ein, Reichsmarschall! (I am hiring more Germans and less Jews and Slavs, Reichsmarschall!)
Then came this lovely tidbit of news.
Biology professor Bret Weinstein (of Evergreen State College in Washington) was berated by dozens of students outside of his classroom Tuesday morning for refusing to participate in an event in which white people were invited to leave campus for a day. Now, he says police have told him to hold his classes off campus due to safety concerns.
Weißer Mann, raus!

This has reached the level of a mania. It's strictly emotive. There's no logic, no reasoning, no knowledge, no literacy, just a frenzy of agitation. Police are asking the dude to stay away in order to prevent a localized reenactment of Kristallnacht.

I've thought the same thing about the spasms over Confederate monuments. I'm halfway through Recollections and Letters of General Robert E. Lee: As Recorded by His Son, Captain Robert E. Lee and as far as I'm concerned, Churchill was right. Robert E. Lee is the ultimate example of the American gentleman. If our boys could grow into half the man Lee was, most of our social pathologies would simply vanish.

But no one has read Lee's letters. No one is taught who he was outside of his role in the Confederacy. No one is taught how former slave-trader and Klan leader Nathan Bedford Forrest found racial redemption at the end of his life to the point where blacks paid their respects at his funeral. We're only taught unreasoning hate based on the color of our skins.

I'm back to reading Mein Kampf and I'm at a part where Hitler, ever ignorant like our Social Justice Warriors, is whining that Germany was totally innocent in the First World War. It's similar to the way we neglect the role the Ashanti played in the slave trade or how the Aztecs enslaved and butchered people or how American Indians practiced slavery or ... or ... or. Just like Hitler turned the Volk into a race of saints, we turn whitey into a race of villains.

This has gotten me to wondering. If one reproduced a version of the Nuremberg race laws with modern sensitivities, could you peddle it on campuses and get them to buy in?

Sadly, Elizabeth Warren still isn't an American Indian, even under this schema.


Anonymous said...

as far as I'm concerned, Churchill was right. Robert E. Lee is the ultimate example of the American gentleman. If our boys could grow into half the man Lee was, most of our social pathologies would simply vanish.

Lee had a woman whipped for trying to escape slavery, violated his solemn oath as an officer and committed treason. On the whole, I'd rather my boy found other heroes. Churchill was a bit of a social Darwinist himself and so might have a slightly warped view on the matter.

Ilíon said...

On the other hand, Anonymouse is a bit of a white-hating leftist himself, so he might be primed to believe any scurrilous tale about an honorable man caught between two conflicting loyalties.

K T Cat said...

Anon, we slaughter babies in great heaps every day. I'd say that trumps a whipping by a good margin. Shall we go down the list of abortion supporters and strike their names from the rolls of gentlemen?

If it helps, black pregnancies are 3 times more likely to end in abortion, so there's that. The crease in Obama's trousers that beguiled David Brooks doesn't look so good in the light of his support for every manner of abortion up to and including the infanticide or partial-birth abortion. If this kind of thing is going to be your metric, then Obama is an absolute monster compared to Lee.