Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Trumpian Poor Judgment

So I guess the Donald said some things to the Russians that shouldn't have been said. Or maybe he didn't. Or maybe he did, but they weren't a big deal. Or maybe they were a big deal, but we were going to tell them at some point in the future anyway. Or maybe it's a huge deal and it's proof positive he's unfit.

Therein lies the problem. I don't trust Trump. We all know he lies like Hillary in a wind tunnel*. I trust the media even less. They've completely lost their minds and talk about Trump the way an angry woman discusses her unfaithful ex-husband.

So just what is going on here? Who knows? Who cares? All of the data being totally unreliable allows you to step back and realize that Comey being fired, Trump talking to Russians or Chuck Schumer speaking in tongues has no effect on our lives at all.

So Trump said or didn't say something to the Russkies? Whatever. I'm over it.

* - Or Hillary in a grain silo or Hillary at a county fair or Hillary downing shots of Jack Daniels or Hillary reading a book.


Ohioan@Heart said...

But it does matter. It will decide how much they seize in taxes, and how that is redistributed. It will decide how many 'refugees/terrorists' get let into the country. It will decide how easy it is to enter the country illegally. It will decide nothing less than the future of our country. But they refuse to talk about these real issues and continue to bicker over lesser issues. "Why?" one might ask. Because they know that the average American no longer has the attention span to think about the real issues, and because they can appeal to their reptilian hind brain by shouting about stuff that seems important. It really all comes down to what I've been saying for decades...

Politicians only care about two things. Getting elected, and getting re-elected.

Anonymous said...

When Hillary mishandled classified information, which might or might not have been exposed, there was howling about the rule of law and a taking down of the American flag. When Trump actually blabs classified information direct to the Russians, it's a big meh.

The market was down almost 400 points, in the long run having an amoral nincompoop steering the ship of state matters.

Mostly Nothing said...

The NY Times has been promoting in my Twitter feed about how they are pressing to make sure this administration is completely transparent. I muted it. I'm wondering why they weren't pressing for transparency for the last 8 years.

MSM has zero credibility.

ligneus said...

K T Cat said...

Sorry, anon, Hillary committed crimes. Big ones. As far as I can see, the Donald doesn't come anywhere close. Like MN says, I don't recall wall-to-wall coverage of Obama or Hillary like this and they were orders of magnitude worse.