Friday, May 26, 2017

Stay Woke!

... or maybe not. Do you want people with anger management issues to be "woke?"

What happens when:
  • The personal becomes political,
  • We stay engaged like Michelle Obama wanted,
  • We get in their faces and punch back twice as hard like Barack wanted,
  • We confront our congresscritters like all the activists tell us,
  • We decide that words can be acts of violence like the students tell us,
  • We fixate on race like the DNC and
  • We fixate on gender like ESPN where the gave an award to Bruce Jenner for bravery?
Doesn't this all lead to yelling and violence? If everyone is agitated about everything, if some percentage of "everyone" tends to fits of rage, then aren't we just asking for physical altercations, a la the ANTIFA riots?

If I have an anger problem and you're trying to tell me how to run almost every aspect of my life, aren't you risking a punch in the mouth?

Maybe we should back off from this a bit and let people live their lives with as little interference as possible.

This is what occurred to me after the Montana Republican candidate shoved a reporter and everyone took sides. Reporters were aghast that a lot of people approved of the shoving.
I don't understand the surprise. We've been sprinting in this direction for years. The guy's job is to keep his finger on the pulse of society. What does he do all day that he doesn't expect this response? Whoever has been paying him ought to ask for his money back.

And what was the Republican doing shoving the reporter in the first place? Trying out for the Antifa squad? Get a grip, dude. Better yet, see a therapist.

The progression leading to shoving and punching and worse is straightforward. Government is managed through politics. Politics is arguing. Arguing is divisive and can make people angry. Angry people can sometimes get violent. Ergo, bigger government eventually leads to more violence. At least that's what seems logical to me.

I'd say that one of the reasons there's so much rancor in the country is that we're arguing politics over almost everything, thanks to an endlessly growing government.

How about smiling and going to another bakery instead?

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