Monday, May 01, 2017

Pushing On A Japanese String

I used to wail and gnash my teeth about Japan's debt problem, and it's still staggering, but somehow, they just keep on keepin' on.
TOKYO—The Bank of Japan pushed back against speculation about an early interest rate increase Thursday by mixing an upbeat assessment of the economy with a further lowering of its inflation forecast and a rejection of the need to unwind its ultraeasy policy.

Mr. Kuroda reiterated that the time isn’t ripe to start talking about a policy reversal. He pointed to the distance of the current inflation rate, 0.2% in February, to his 2% target.
0.2% is no inflation at all. That economy isn't going anywhere. Meanwhile, their citizens owe about $71,000 USD apiece on their federal government's debt. Ouch.

And, of course, there's the demographic issue with more adult diapers being sold than baby diapers.

Having issued my Cassandra Call one more time, I can't say that I've got any clue as to when or how this all comes crashing down. Weird.

Bumblebees aren't supposed to fly, either, but they do.


ligneus said...

'Bumblebees aren't supposed to fly' reminded me of this, one of my favourite poems.By Philip Larkin.


Words as plain as hen-birds' wings
Do not lie,
Do not over-broider things -
Are too shy.

Thoughts that shuffle round like pence
Through each reign,
Wear down to their simplest sense
Yet remain.

Weeds are not supposed to grow
But by degrees
Some achieve a flower, although
No one sees.

K T Cat said...

I love it. Thanks!