Thursday, May 18, 2017

Misplaced Optimism

I had expected that at least some elements of the media would be introspective after the election. I had thought that they might reconsider their blood-oaths to the Democrats and perhaps ponder life outside of the coastal bubbles. I was wrong.

I'm in Indiana right now, the heart of the Trumpian Rebellion. People are doing normal things. Working backhoes, farming, driving trucks, brewing delicious Upland Brewing Company Coastbuster Imperial IPA in Bloomington. These are the folks who make the nummy-noms that are served in the Beltway Starbucks, ship the tires that go round and round on the wheels of the Priuses that take the news people to their offices and provide the taxes that Nancy Pelosi has sold her soul to spend.

Walking around hotels and offices where TVs are ritually tuned to the news, I have seen nothing but breathless, orgasmic reporting of some Trumpian scandal. As far as I can tell, no one here cares. I certainly don't. Still, the TVs are running wall-to-wall with the thing.

Kurt Schlichter is a fire-breather whose material on is fun to read, but it's typically over the top. Today, however, he perfectly captured what the moment feels like to me.
This is a coup against us. It’s a coordinated campaign by liberals and their allies in the bureaucracy and media to once and for all ensure their perpetual rule over us.
When Hillary's 9-digit sale of her office as Secretary of State didn't rise to the level of any crime, turning whatever tomfoolery Trump performed into a national scandal simply reeks of, well, just what Kurt said. A coup against us normals.

Dude was elected. The people voted. They knew who he was. They didn't care what George "former Hillary cabana boy" Stephanopoulos and the other DNC lackeys thought. Instead of honoring our selection, they've gone totally over the edge and are engaged in open war against Trump. Rather than trying to get in touch with the bible-toting bigots in flyover country, perhaps even hiring some to staff their offices, they climbed into their bunkers and closed the hatches.

They hate us. That's the only thing I can think as I watch this national meltdown evolve. They simply hate us.

Update: Peggy Noonan is similarly unhappy.
(H)e was duly and legally elected by tens of millions of Americans who had legitimate reasons to support him, who knew they were throwing the long ball, and who, polls suggest, continue to support him. They believe the press is trying to kill him. “He’s new, not a politician, give him a chance.” What would it do to them, what would it say to them, to have him brusquely removed by his enemies after so little time? Would it tell them democracy is a con, the swamp always wins, you nobodies can make your little choices but we’re in control? What will that do to their faith in our institutions, in democracy itself?


Ohioan@Heart said...

And what would happen if they do lose their faith in our representative democracy? If they think themselves under a tyranny of the "ruling class" which is unbreakable at the ballot box?

Perhaps we would all do well to remember the words of the first Democrat to be President... "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." - Thomas Jefferson

K T Cat said...

Seriously. Denying the results of an election is a pre-revolutionary act.

See also: The Supreme Court decision on gay marriage negating California's Proposition 8 and similar votes in tens of states.

We're being told, "Screw you, you pathetic little proles. We're the elite and we'll tell you what to do and you have no recourse at all." The ballot box is just a paper shredder.