Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Frank Rich Drops The Mask

... in the title and tagline, no less. Dig this.
Title: No Sympathy for the Hillbilly

Tagline: Democrats need to stop trying to feel everyone’s pain, and hold on to their own anger.
He then goes on at length to endorse bigotry, rage, hate and tantrums. It's not cloaked or allegorical or anything, it's just raw screaming.

The wheels are coming off the progressive movement. The compassion, open-mindedness, tolerance and understanding were never there, but now there isn't even a fig leaf with the words stitched on it. Worse than the article are the comments. It's nothing but enraged progressives whipping each other into a frenzy as far as the eye can see.

Well, this is what we all wanted, I guess. Bigger government means more politics. More politics means more arguing. More arguing means more rage on the losing side.

Scary stuff, amigos. If you dive into politics on Twitter once in a while like I do, I recommend cutting back and interspersing a lot more non-political content in your timeline. It's in all of our best interests to dial things down a bit.

Take it from Tiny Hedgehog. You can do this!


IlĂ­on said...

"More politics means more arguing/"

I don't think 'arguing' is the right word. You and I sometimes argue; what you're talking about is something else entirely. It's 'squabbling' ... but with the implied (*) threat of violence and death.

(*) and, as the leftist come more and more unmoored from reality, the implication is becoming more explicit.

K T Cat said...

Good point. It's not rational discourse, it's thuggery in prose followed up by the threat of real violence.