Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Could You Not Skip One Beer For Me?

My prayer journey continues.

Saying a daily Rosary for my friend, I'm using this site for the Mysteries. It's the best one I've found for meditating on said Mysteries. Yesterday, I was doing the Sorrowful Mysteries when I came upon the section about Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane. He brought the disciples with him, but they fell asleep while He prayed, anticipating His torture and crucifixion. When He found them asleep, He said, "Could you not watch one hour with me?"

That made me think of the times I've come home from work and had a few pops*. One is fine, two is better, three is great! And then I sleep on the couch. Not exactly a scintillating conversationalist for my wife. She never complains and doesn't bug me about it. I'm not angry or abusive, I just knock myself out from time to time. The quote above transformed itself into, "Could you not stop at one brewski for Me?" It works equally well for anger, porn, stinginess or what-have-you. Here He is, sweating blood over the coming trials and tribulations and I'm knocking back a 22 oz Hangar 24 Iconic double IPA followed by a 12 oz Firestone Union Jack.

Alternative modified quotes:

  • "Could you not take a break from porn for Me?"
  • "Could you not stop gossiping about that woman at work for Me?"
  • "Could you not say something loving and supportive to your daughter for Me?"
And so on.

There was something else that occurred to me, but I'll leave that for another post. I've been doing too many tl;dr posts lately.

An unrelated, funny picture. It can't all be serious stuff, you know.
* - Rereading this post, I realized that it makes me sound like a lush. That's the wrong impression. It doesn't happen very often, maybe once a month. In any case, the beer is just a stand-in for your own, personal, favorite vice.

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