Monday, February 20, 2017

The Easiest Way To Put An End To The Crazy Student Loan Problem

... would be to teach kids about debt in school.

I learned to avoid debt from my father. We taught it to our kids. None of them have a cent of student loan debt. Meanwhile, the rest of the country has gone debt-mad for degrees, many of which will never pay off. Why weren't these kids taught to weigh costs and benefits in high school?

Possibly because the student loan racket is a ginormous gravy train for the education industry.

Here's an excellent, related essay.


Ohioan@Heart said...

Such lessons shall never be taught in our school system. Why? Because our schools are are completely controlled by the teachers unions who have conned the public into unsustainable pensions. Further, the government side of the negotiations giving those benefits are also fully bought into massive debts and spending programs which are also fiscally insane. These insanities can only happen so long as they keep the electorate ignorant of financial reality.

ligneus said...

Betsy DeVos.

Mostly Nothing said...

Our first born is going to graduate from a private college here in Minnesota debt free. He had a very good acedemic scholarship, and we started saving when he was born. Hamline, his school, guarantees getting through in 4 years, assuming the student does his/her work. He will get two degrees.

The second born should be the same as he's half way through at Michigan Tech. But he's challenging the money flow, going on a study abroad this summer. He's also talking about a co-op if he can, which may push him back at least one semester, if not two. Because of the size of the school, they don't offer all classes every semester, but they do manage to charge more money for upper level classes. A fact they conviently leave out when giving campus tours.

Mostly Nothing said...

BTW, I was talking with a Scout in the Troop a couple weeks ago with another adult. We somehow got on the topic of history, and specifically the Royal family. I said, that everyone knows who George III was. I got a blank stare and he said he didn't.

I asked if they didn't teach anything about American history. He told me they only go back to the Civil wars or so. I thought that was just awful. How can you not teach about the founding of our nation?

He goes to a High School in the second biggest/second worst district in the State.