Sunday, February 12, 2017

If Self-awareness Could Come In An Injection

... we might all be better off. Assuming we'd be willing to get the shot.

I've been unfollowing, but not unfriending, people on Facebook quite a bit lately. There's lots of them who feel the need to post anti-Trump rants, stories and videos. I don't go to Facebook to be yelled at, I go to see pictures of your pets, kids and vacations. Whatever it is that you've found on the Internet that has you all wound up isn't going to convince me of anything. Please stop.

What gets me the most about the rants is how clueless they are. These are the progressives, the liberals, the champions of the little guy. Well, the little guy just gave them the big, fat finger and there's not even a hint of reflection about the event. All the Smart People voted for the shrill criminal. It was the WalMart customers who voted for the narcissist. It doesn't seem to occur to the liberals that if the working poor hated their candidate and hated her platform and hated the policies of their beloved Lightworker president, they might be doing something wrong.

The implicit reply: "Nope, nothing is wrong at all with my viewpoint. Take a look at this Robert Reich video or this litany of lies from the Trumpkins or this story of a illegal immigrant who was kicked out of the country. Aren't you as filled with hate and rage as I am?"

No, I'm not and I don't know how to say it without touching off a firestorm of nasty comments. Please. Stop.

Finally, these are the same people who know with mathematical certainty that they're open-minded, tolerant and compassionate. Then they scream at me on Facebook, never suspecting that I don't think they're any of those three things. In fact, it's clear to me that they're angry, closed-minded bigots. You don't dare say that on Facebook as those are your friends.

On Twitter and this blog, I feel differently, I learn by writing and speaking, so this blog is a tutorial for me. It's semi-anonymous, so I don't have any problem posting polemics, screeds and rants. I can be just as intolerant as the next guy and this is my forum for yelling. Dittos for Twitter. There, I try to be less abrasive, but I still do it sometimes.

The choice in 2016 was between a crazy man and a bloodsucking, criminal harpy. I can easily take the crazy man because I'm pro-life and the harpy is fully satisfied with the abortion death camps running at a top speed that would have been the envy of the Nazis. That's just one reason. I'm also no longer afraid that taking Little Sisters of the Poor to the Supreme Court to force them to buy contraceptives was just another step on the road to religious suppression.

Yep the crazy man is crazy and he crazily does crazy things like it's crazy time in crazy town. Oh well. Here's a cat picture. Look at it and take a chill pill, dudes and dudettes. Your howling isn't changing my mind.

Her Serene Furiness, Maddi the Cat.

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Foxfier said...

...would this self-awareness shot come with knowledge the awareness was accurate?

'cus I don't need more crippling self-questioning, I need answers! /movie voice

Sure, it might be like getting stabbed-- but I've been gutted several times, you can recover if you fix the damage. And the fixing would be the important part, if it's possible.