Monday, February 27, 2017

As Long As She Doesn't Celebrate With A Coors Light, It's OK

A mentally ill girl in Texas, juiced to her eyeballs with drugs by her abusive parents*, just won the girls' state wrestling championships after an undefeated season. She thinks she's a boy and they're dosing her heavily with testosterone. I guess that if she thought she was Napoleon, they'd be suing France to give her control of that country.

Unsurprisingly, testosterone made her stronger, faster and more aggressive. Much like the results you see when boys' soccer teams obliterate women's Olympic teams, she threw her opponents around like rag dolls while breezing to victory.
Beggs pinned Kailyn Clay earlier Saturday to reach the final. That was after he (sic) beat Taylor Latham and Mya Engert handily on Friday to reach the semifinals.

In the semifinals, the match was halted for a couple of minutes because Beggs had a bloody nose. Trainers finally managed to stop the bleeding and the fight resumed. Not long after, Beggs slammed Clay on the mat and pinned her.
Fortunately, this is all quite legal. There's nothing in the rules or the law to prevent parents from loading their daughter up with mind- and body- altering drugs, the treatment presumably begun before she reached the age of consent.

If all of this bothers you, don't let it. Our culture isn't completely insane. She may be getting life-changing drugs which will doom her future before her cognitive abilities have fully developed, but we're not going to let her have a beer for another 4 years.

Giving children beer is wrong.
* - The drugging of their daughter is a predecessor, you understand, to the time when they have a doctor hack off her breasts. Lovely people, these.

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