Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Little Bit About Milo

So Milo Yiannopoulis, the gay, conservative, comic troll, was invited to speak at CPAC. When it was revealed he seemed to have endorsed pedophilia, the invitation was rescinded. His meteoric career flamed out in a matter of 48 hours.

I've always liked Milo because he poked fun at stuck-up prigs, something comics used to do. Now many of the comics are the stuck-up prigs. I've always been leery of Milo because you felt he was walking on the edge of a volcano. He would dramatically hint at the details of his personal life, but it didn't make you want to see more, it made you wince and wonder if this was the time the volcano was going to erupt.

Well, this time it did.

Milo is such a well-known figure in political circles by now that his last name is almost superfluous, like Cher's. His antics have drawn out violent, stuck-up prigs at universities across the country, revealing them for the humorless, sour, ugly, dull-witted thugs that they are. He drew them out into the open and we all opened fire with gales of derisive laughter. It was glorious.

Despite my affection for him, I think it's a mistake to rush to draw parallels and accuse the left of hypocrisy for the piling on they're doing over this self-destruction. Milo deserves it and that fact stands alone. Instead, I'd suggest there's another lesson that not many people are learning.

By fetishizing "disadvantaged" groups, we seem to be whitewashing their sins away at the same time. Black lives matter until the black lives are ones wrecked by other blacks, as they are in ghastly numbers. See also: black family, destruction of. It's a pathology that dare not speak its name.

Similarly, we've turned our eyes from the troubles of the gay community. Promiscuity, violence and more, we don't just deny that they exist, to even raise them as issues is to put a target on your chest for cries of "Homophobia!" (Just what is fearful about concern for others is beyond me.) Wasn't Milo destroyed by one of the things we fear is going on behind the scenes in the gay community? In the interview that wrecked his career, he suggested that it's somewhat common. Is it real? Is it not? Who knows, we're not allowed to even discuss it.

Yes, the left has been totally hypocritical about this. The right is, too, when the shoe's on the other foot. That's what political groups do. Milo, however, isn't just a political weapon. He's a person.

The whole thing reminds me of the times when an NFL player turns out to have been beating his wife or sleeping around and leaving bastard children in his wake. We always deal with the individual as if he's asymptomatic when he might not be.

Oh well. At least we can get back to the real conversation that we all want to have. Pointing political fingers and yelling.


Renee said...

My thoughts.... just because you hate Milo, doesn't mean you can use past sexual abuse as a weapon to take him down. This is a newer low for all of us.

"How about this outraged public with pitchforks... how about this... stop... take a breath... and treat Milo like a human being if you think you are so much better than him. "Hey Milo, that's not a healthy response to handling the situation that happened when you were a young teen. You need to get help, because what happened was wrong and we don't want to think what happened to you was even justified."

No they sat on it, and used it against him. Just horrifying.

K T Cat said...

Yeah, it did seem like a set-up job, didn't it?

Renee said...

I know. You can't fight evil, with evil. Tempting, but we can't.

That is if an individual thinks Milo is really that evil.

Jedi Master Ivyan said...

Milo always struck me as a bright, talented, and deeply troubled young man. I don't know how to judge his remarks without knowing the vernacular of his peers. I simply lack the perspective.

K T Cat said...

His apology was pretty moving. Again, the right hasn't shown compassion to fallen people on the left, so yelling "Hypocrisy!" won't work any better this time than it ever does. Instead, I think Renee has hit the nail on the head. Milo, like any of us, is a fallen person deserving of compassion.

ligneus said...

I guess the outrageous behaviour that gays exhibit is an expression of the outrageousness of the fact of homosexuality. [You know, trying to see it objectively.] The dress or lack thereof and the behaviour seen in the Gay Pride Parades discredits them on several levels, if I were to indulge in any of it I'd get arrested but there they are with the police watching, families with kids watching and we're not supposed to judge it because that would be 'homophobic'. Something is missing, and from my experience observing and knowing a number of gays, I think there's an immaturity about them, like little children they have no social inhibitions. Could be there was some sense in keeping them 'in the closet'.

Anonymous said...

Worse than the parades is the Folsom Street Fair. Zombietime covered it once.

What has been seen cannot be unseen.

Foxfier said...


baby on lap, can't type more.

K T Cat said...

Anon, I think I saw those videos. Of course, you're called homophobic if you bring them up in polite company.

K T Cat said...

Foxie, that was a fabulous essay. Thanks. And give the baby a hug for us!