Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Three Things I'm Thinking About Trump

  1. I like his cabinet picks.
  2. I like that he tweaks the social justice / political correctness crowd.
  3. I still think he's a swine and wish Ted Cruz had won, but what are you going to do?
With that out of the way, let's talk about something really important - rewiring an MGB. I'm taking the week off and trying to knock this sucker our. To refresh, I've got a 1973 MGB that I've had for about 30 years. Its wiring harness rotted out and instead of buying a replacement, I'm running the wires myself, changing connector types, modernizing things and upgrading in general. It's been a beast of a job.

I've ripped out all of the wires in the cockpit again. This will be my third go around at the cockpit, but I'm really confident now. Instead of running a single trunk line, I'm running five, according to the connectors on the steering column and the instrument panel. They break down as follows.
  1. Headlights and running lights
  2. Turn signals
  3. Windshield wipers
  4. Ignition
  5. Assorted instruments, radio and power
The first four correspond to connectors coming off the steering column and switches. The last is a catch-all. I'm breaking them apart to minimize risks. If I monumentally screw up something, I've only wrecked a single trunk line and can replace it much more easily than if I ran everything together. I just finished the first and am enjoying a Stone Ruination double IPA to celebrate. As soon as I post this and deal with a few odds and ends in the house, I'll go back and try to knock out the ignition wiring.



Ohioan@Heart said...

My versions of what I like about Trump...
1. Ditto
2. Ditto except that I like that he's tweaking the media by tweeting (they can't take stuff out of context since it is there for all the world to see).
3. Ditto except John Kasich.

Mostly Nothing said...

I really need to pull my dashboard and take the windshield out to replace the seals.

Of course I won't see the cAr for at least 2 months