Monday, January 23, 2017

They Are Coming For Us!

And we're not even sure who "they" are. I'm not too certain of the "us," either.

This bit from the WSJ from the inscrutable Women's Marches this weekend struck me as symptomatic of our times. The author asks one of the leaders what it was all about. Here's the answer which borders on madness.
I put that question to Breanne Butler, the march’s global coordinator, who insisted the answer was no: “This isn’t a march on Trump,” she said. “It’s a march on Washington,” including Congress, the Supreme Court and “any other representatives.” The message, according to Ms. Butler: “Hear our voices, we’ve been silenced. You need to take us into consideration. . . . We are America.”
We've been silenced? By who? When? Who's "we?" It made me instantly think of this lovely nugget from the Pinky and the Brain episode, Welcome to the Jungle, where Snowball has completely lost his marbles and his convinced they are out to get him. With a little rework, the interview above goes like this.
Breanne Butler: They are silencing us!

WSJ: Who's 'they?'

Breanne: Them! The they are them! They're they! They're there! Them!

The whole march and the wave of protests was utterly incoherent to me. Just what waving giant sex organs on sticks was supposed to accomplish, I'm sure I don't know. In fact, I'm sure I don't want to know.

It's symptomatic, to return to the earlier thought, of the loss of responsibility for our own lives. I think Obama was a ghastly president and he did a great deal of harm to the country, but save for my insurance premiums going way up, my life over the last 8 years has been governed almost entirely by my own actions and decisions.

Here we have an honest election which Trump won fair and square and you've got a ton of people in the streets with signs and chants. Why? Your team had the presidency for 8 straight years. You can't handle 4 for the other side now? And why is it such a big deal? Just what is he going to do to your life that you can't remedy with a little proactive planning and energy on your part?

Seeing marching women dressed up as giant genitalia, all I could think was, "What a bunch of pussies."


Mostly Nothing said...

When I heard 23 Democrats not going to the inagregarion because the y thought Trump stole the election, I thought how sad it was that they don't know how there own government works. Did schools fail to teach them anything about the constitution. Then I remember the blog from Dean about the columnist who wrote (during the height of the Obama administration) about how they (the elitists in power) were so much smarter than the founding fathers and how they should suspend/revoke the constitution so they could continue to rule in their own particular benevolent dictatorial way.

Ilíon said...

"Did schools fail to teach them anything about the constitution."

Almost everyone -- including our host -- is quite content to ignore the Constitution when it gets in the way and otherwise to remain as ignorant as possible about it says and what it requires.

K T Cat said...

What's the world coming to when allegedly respectable women parade about town dressed as sex organs? What price political victory?

Ilíon said...

In their warped moral universe, they're "respectable" -- and you had *better* respect them, bud! -- precisely because they are pointedly contemptuous of being respectable.

K T Cat said...

But ... but ... but I thought we were all supposed to be horrified at how crude Trump was. Isn't waving sex organs around crude, too?

Ilíon said...

No; that's "transgressive". For, as with all things, "It's different when *we* do it"