Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Something Is Enveloping The West Coast

... and it could be a giant blob of protoplasm or a fog that causes rage and violence or maybe just a really bad idea.

The last one is correct as this is about #calexit and the Seattle Times take on it, entitled, oddly enough, "Should California, Oregon and Washington join Canada? #Calexit talk envelops West Coast."

You need read no further than the second paragraph which tells you all you need to know.
(R)esidents of the Best Coast have a lot in common with our northern neighbors. The three states have long been working with British Columbia to combat climate change. All three new potential provinces have legalized cannabis, which Canada is moving toward. Don’t forget Canada’s universal health care. We love health care for all here on the coast.
To summarize, here are the key features that the Pacific states have in common with Canada.
  1. High levels of consciousness about the latest environmental fad,
  2. Legal weed and
  3. Free stuff.
Awesome. If that doesn't spell out hard-working, productive people, then it doesn't. If they manage to pull it off and Washington, Oregon and California join Canada, then I have the perfect parting gift for them.



Mostly Nothing said...

Why would Canada want those states? Good ridence. The US will keep Point Loma and Coranado as a sort of Gibraltar. Oh, and California, good luck getting any water out of the Colorado.

K T Cat said...

Dude, back off. You're harshing their mellow.

Mostly Nothing said...

Sorry, I live in a State where many lefties even work for a living. Of course there are the Chicago welfare receipients that come up twice a month for their double dipping on our welfare rolls.

tim eisele said...

Yeah, secession was a dumb idea when some Texans were pushing for it, and it doesn't get any smarter when a bunch of Californians bring it up. It is all downside, and no upside that I can see. Except for wannabe dictators who think they'd have an easier time taking over a disorganized, freshly-seceded state with a power vacuum, than they would taking over the entire country.

K T Cat said...

I'm not all that down on secession movements, but they've got to be based on some industry and constructive purpose. To base it on environmental regulations, weed and free goodies is childish.

I'm probably being hypocritical as my reasons for supporting secession would be cultural. Oh well.

Foxfier said...

An awful large area of the states being discussed would be delighted to remove Seattle, Portland and La-La-Land (not sure which city in Cali best exemplifies what I'll generously call a mindset) and give them to the country that stepped backwards the most slowly, or make them their own DC style states.

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