Thursday, January 19, 2017

Global Warming Ended The California Drought

I figured someone had to say it.

I googled the title of this blog post and came up with essay after essay asserting that Global Warming Climate Change made the drought worse. I couldn't find anything saying it had ended the drought. If the thing is so powerful that it can cause rain to fall here and not there, parching a forest, then it must also be able to make rain fall there and not here, turning a desert into a fruitful pasture.

Or something like that.

Or maybe I've got it all wrong and Global Warming Climate Change is effectively Satan, only doing evil. I guess that would make scientists and government regulators into angels, fighting carbonic sin on behalf of all humanity.

Here, a deputy department head of the EPA slays a coal-fired power plant, preventing tropical storms in Thailand.


Kelly the little black dog said...

Rather than just making things up why don't you read something substantial.

Pineapple express/atmospheric rivers
Atmospheric Rivers

K T Cat said...

"But isn't all this moisture wrung out over California's Sierra a good thing, given the state's dependence on melting snowpack for water supply?

Only if it falls as snow."

Excellent! We can still wring our hands and demand more funding and regulations! Oh, wait, we have these crazy things called reservoirs. Curses! The rain will end up being useful, too! Luckily, we stopped building dams a long time ago, so the reservoirs will only have limited effect in stopping the flow of money and power to the government.

Then there's the problem of going it alone.

Jedi Master Ivyan said...

And watch out for the "we need to drain the reservoirs substantially to make room for the expected snow melt". Of course, they will drain too much and the reservoirs will be at low capacity come summer. and they'll say 'oops'. Seen it happen in NorCal.

tim eisele said...

"Oh, wait, we have these crazy things called reservoirs."

Aren't these the reservoirs that I hear were built by the corrupt and incompetent government, and used as a means of dispersing graft to political cronies and organized crime, while controlling local people and businesses by restricting their access to water?