Saturday, January 14, 2017

Finding An Appropriate Image Is Left As An Exercise For The Reader

I just finished watching some EPL games, making a proper British breakfast and cleaning up after a killer party last night, so my keyboard and screen time today is just about shot. After seeing some progressive Facebook friends openly weep about Donald Trump's election again*, I've come up with the caption below. It just needs an appropriate image. I'm thinking a scene of mopey social justice warriors, but I'm open to suggestions.
The feeling when you finally realize that those deplorable, racist, homophobic, typical white people clinging to their guns and bibles will never understand just how open-minded and compassionate you are.
* - And again and again and again and ... for the love of Pete, are you ever going to be able to get over this and live your life, or is this going to be 4-8 years of empty threats of emigration?

Update: OK, it took me an additional 3 minutes, but you guys are worth it. If you've got a better idea, I'm happy to see it. Enjoy!

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