Sunday, June 26, 2016

If You Wanted To Drive Up AR-15 Sales

... you could hardly do better than what the secular progressives are doing these days.
  • Constantly talk about making new restrictions on gun purchases,
  • Agitate for the elimination of the 5th Ammendment's due process protections,
  • Argue in favor of Supreme Court justices who will alter the 2nd Ammendment's right to keep and bear arms, 
  • Constantly suppress the 1st Ammendment's protections of freedom of speech through violent suppression of conservatives at colleges and on the campaign trail and
  • Attack harmless religious groups like Little Sisters of the Poor in court and with aggressive regulations designed to do nothing more than make it impossible for them to live their faith.
It's enough to make you want to buy a whole bunch of AR-15s so you have them laying around as spares. That way, once the weapon is completely banned and your current one breaks down, you'll have a fallback AR-15.

As an aside, one of our sons has an AR-15. I went out to the range and shot it. I don't know what the fuss is all about. It's just a rifle. 


tim eisele said...

Not only is the AR-15 "just a rifle", it isn't even a particularly good rifle for either hunting, or home defense. My wife inherited one from her father, and she says that for hunting it doesn't hold a candle to her Winchester Model 94 .30-30. The Winchester has more stopping power, has better range and accuracy, and is dramatically easier to clean. She has never needed more than one shot with the Winchester to drop a deer, while she's not sure the AR-15 could do it with less than 3 or 4 shots. And meanwhile, she says that the AR-15 fouls its innards with soot and gunk worse than any other gun she's worked with (and she's spent a lot of time with guns). In her opinion, the only advantage of the AR-15 is that the ammo is relatively cheap compared to larger-caliber rifles, and the only reason to own one is because you like burning a lot of ammunition at the shooting range. And even if that's what you want, well, a .22 is even cheaper, so it even loses out there.

And as for using it as a home defense gun, it's a rifle. Rifles are for longer range shooting, not fighting off someone breaking into your house. You want a pistol or shotgun for that (or a baseball bat, for that matter). A rifle is not handy in close quarters, and the bullet will go right through the walls and hit who-knows-what.

I'm not for banning the AR-15, but I do think the people who are either fetishizing or demonizing it are fools.

K T Cat said...

I did martial arts for a long time, but I'm getting to an age where I can't fool myself any more about close combat. As much fun as a dagger can be, I'm not going for those, either. I just don't have the reflexes or strength to have a really high probability of coming out on top. I think I'd be game to give our AR-15 a go, particularly with a large magazine. The Catican Guards are a fantastic alert system and the quick firing of the AR-15 would allow one to be spendthrift when it came to bullets.

As for getting gummed up, what do you think is going to happen to a revolver once you start using its bayonet?