Monday, June 06, 2016

Finally! A Chance To Vote Based On Race!

... whatever race that might be,

Watching the violence in San Jose where mostly Hispanic progressives beat up mostly white Trump supporters was breathtaking. It's taken me a couple of days for me to process it.

I went onto Twitter and perused the #altright hashtag where the worst of the Trumpkins live and found lots of antisemitism*  and plenty more. One fellow posted a video about the San Jose attacks and asked the logical question, "What would be happening if the races were reversed and whites had attacked Hispanics?" He said, correctly, that this would be an internationally-covered incident and would have been front and center for weeks. Instead, since the victims were white, the whole thing was quickly shoved under the rug.

His diagnosis was right, but his remedy was wrong - a white homeland. That's what's also wrong with the bigots in La Raza and the racists in the Black Lives Matter movement. It's always more and more race talk and more and more repayment for injustices. It can never end because all sides weigh the values of the injustices differently and they always see themselves as getting the short end of the stick.

This is only going to end when we stop talking about race, when we see each other as fellow children of God. This is why Christ preached forgiveness. Without forgiveness, the cycle will go on forever.

This is my race.
* -  Why the antisemitism? What do the Jews have to do with anything?)


Ohioan@Heart said...

Your post reminds me... Have you noticed the Sanders ad here in California with the guy wearing the "Viva La Raza" t-shirt? I cannot even imagine the reaction if a Trump ad (or really an ad for anybody for that matter) had an image with some guy wearing a "Hooray for White People" t-shirt.

But don't worry. The final election will be about people showing they are not sexist by voting for the woman, just like people proved they weren't racist by voting for the black guy the last two times. I had thought I'd voted against Obama because he was unqualified (the first time) and because I hated the actions he'd taken (the second time). Turned out I was just giving into my micro-aggressions. But I've grown. This time I will show I'm not a qualified-good-candidate-o-phobe by voting for Kasich.

K T Cat said...

I'm voting for Gary Johnson. I have no idea what that says about me.

As for the racism / sexism stuff, this is a great analysis. Watch the whole thing. The payoff starts around 4:20.

As a member of Americans Who Were Born With Life-Threatening Birth Defects and Spent Most of Their Childhoods Very Sick, all I can say to those who think race or sex is dominant that they can go ^@&#&@ my @&*^@.

Or maybe we can all get over ourselves, go out for a beer and watch soccer. That might be more fun.

B-Daddy said...

Are we counting on this church to carry this message?
We are all brothers in God's eyes, but God also judges the nations. You have to ask what makes a nation. For instance, why is Iraq not truly a nation?