Saturday, April 23, 2016

Unfortunately, Iran Was Out Of Magic Beans

This almost needs no commentary.
The US is buying 32 tonnes of heavy water, which is used in some nuclear reactors, from Iran.

The US State Department said the $8.6m (£6m) purchase was designed to help Iran meet its obligations under the nuclear deal signed last year.
Honest to God, what are these people thinking? Did we need heavy water? This is like buying your kid's squirt gun to keep him from squirting the dog. Or it would be if Iran was to be treated like a child.

How delusionally patronizing can you be? The mullahs must think they've hit the biggest jackpot ever in Obama.


tim eisele said...

I'm seeing prices for heavy water of around $600 per kg, and at that price 32 tonnes are worth around $20 million. A mere $8.6 million sounds like quite a bargain. And yes, I expect we can use it.

K T Cat said...

I hadn't thought to check. Maybe I'm way off base, it wouldn't be the first time. Still, the whole "Death to America" thing and the missiles and nuclear warheads stuff has me a trifle concerned about doing atomic-related business with the mullahs.