Friday, April 01, 2016

There's Nothing Behind The Trump Curtain

Sometimes when I'm in line at the grocery store and I'm looking over the magazine covers, I want to pull out my phone and take a photo of one because it's got headlines that are so over-the-top. Yesterday, it was this one from People.

Honestly, what on Earth could this article say? The guy has a short-circuit between his brain and his mouth and his brain isn't all that active. The "real" Donald Trump is exactly what you see in his interviews and debates - an ignorant, ill-disciplined, crude, misogynistic slob. He'd be pounding PBRs at the local dive bar if daddy hadn't left him $200M and sent him to the finest schools.

I've got a pair of educated friends who are Trumpkins. One even has a PhD in physics. They both think he's playing 3-dimensional chess while the rest of us are playing checkers. They think Trump is thinking 5 moves ahead of us and are in awe of what they see as craft and guile and "negotiating" acumen.

What a laugh! The guy doesn't think 5 steps ahead of us, he doesn't really think at all. There's one moronic comment after another coming out of his mouth. When he gets stung by something he said, he does exactly what you'd expect a spoiled, ultra-rich brat to do - he makes wild excuses. Hey, they always worked when he was a kid! They still work with the Trumpkins, who have chosen to live in TrumpWorld. For the rest of us, it's as tiresome as watching and out-of-control kid at a department store.

With his latest gaffe, the one about punishing women for abortions, he's now claiming his interview was edited. The network knows for a fact it wasn't and has evidence to prove it. The "real" Donald Trump is so vacuous that he threw that excuse out there without thinking that the network could back up its story with irrefutable proof.

That's the "real" Donald Trump. A spoiled 8-year-old who has gotten his way all his life. There. I saved you the cost of the magazine. You're welcome.


tim eisele said...

Yes. What I think has happened here is something like this: The Republican party was assembling this rather Frankenstinian coalition of interest groups, and in the process had attracted a lot of unsavory elements that basically turned it into a monster. And then, as the people who wanted to ride it into power were arguing among themselves as to who would get to mount up, Trump suddenly ran up, jumped on its back, and rode off without knowing or caring where it was going or whether he could control it. Hint- he couldn't. Trump is not directing anything, he's just being carried along for the ride. Although he is maddening it quite a bit by his ham-handed attempts with the spurs and whip. He is only being saved from being trampled by being on top of the monster instead of in front of it.

And now, after the monster trampled everybody else except for Cruz (and maybe Kasich), there looks to be a good chance that it will throw Trump, too. Whether Cruz or Kasich can sucessfuly mount the monster themselves, or even get it back into its pen after Trump maddened it so much, is anyone's guess.

Ilíon said...



Jedi Master Ivyan said...

Tim, I love the analogy.

And, KT, after listening to Trump be interviewed by Vickie McKenna, I'm certain he thinks women are inferior (she's a conservative talk radio host in Milwaukee and Madison). He was a bit condescending to her, and she is a well informed lady.

Ilíon said...

^ And you don't?

K T Cat said...

Tim, I agree with that assessment. However, I would suggest that it's not the Republican Party that assembled "this rather Frankenstinian coalition of interest groups, and in the process had attracted a lot of unsavory elements that basically turned it into a monster," but American culture in general. I can't see the difference between degenerates of any race or party and brother, do we have a lot of them!

See also: crackheads, meth labs, Black Lives Matter, White Power, illegitimacy, ...

Politics is downstream of culture. It's not the politicians that are messed up, it's the voters.

K T Cat said...

Ilion, ever since we gave women the vote, we've had to make sure our candidates weren't totally misogynistic. When the Donald has something like 75% firm disapproval from women, he's pretty much doomed in the general election.

Ilíon said...

So, what you mean is that a successful candidate needs to pander to the sinfulness of women ... in the manner that you (and Jedi Master Ivyan) are doing in this very thread?