Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Perfect Environment For Apathy

... is one where you can't draw distinctions between behavioral choices or ideas.

It hit me when I saw this tweet from a Catholic priest I follow.
This makes sense only when you can't differentiate between Catholicism and Islam. St. George, were he alive today, would remind you that he was a Christian and that means something. Or at least it did. What means something now are no longer ideas, philosophies, behaviors or faiths, but a squishy commonality between all humans. Thus you end up with St. George being used as an example of "immigration."

Operation Sea Lion, the proposed Nazi invasion of England, would have been "immigration," too.

So if we can't differentiate between married couples and people shagging, if we can't differentiate between men and women for military service, if we can't differentiate between Islam and the West, then what's the point of it all? Why not simply satisfy your limbic system and digestive tract and be done with all that thinking and arguing?

What difference does it all make?

An earlier plan for immigration.


Ilíon said...

Here is another recent example of a recent act of "immigration" -- Green March

Ilíon said...

... and, by the way, the government of Mexico has been pursuing a slower version that stratefy against the US for decades.

Ilíon said...

... with the connivance of the Democtatic Party and the RINOs.

K T Cat said...

Did you see the recent protests in California against Donald Trump where they were waving Mexican flags and burning an America one? Insane.

Ilíon said...

No, I didn't, but William Vallicella has a post (and photo) about it -- Making America Mexico Again