Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I Love Capitalism

My wife's dresser has a drawer where the tiny ball bearings fell out of its slides. The drawer now lays in its slot and has to be roughly pulled to open because the slides are useless. Replacement slides are impossible to find because the dresser is so old. I could repair it, but it would be a big job involving a router and fitting new, different-sized slides.

We're having a bathroom remodeled right now and last night the cabinet guy was over to make some final changes. I showed him the drawer and the slides and we discussed how to fix it. He ended up taking it back to his shop. He has the right tools and the expertise, so with my money and his work, we'll have a perfectly working dresser in no time at all.

Isn't capitalism wonderful?


Ilíon said...

Goodness! It's hard to figure out who is the oppressor and who the oppressed in that story!

K T Cat said...

I think you'd need to know the respective races in order to figure that out.

Ilíon said...

Oh, thank goodness! I just knew that there had to be an oppressor and an oppressed in such an unjust capitalistic transaction.

tim eisele said...

Well, I would *hope* nobody is being oppressed here. Back when my Dad was a building contractor, he used to grumble a lot about the people who paid late or stiffed him entirely. He told me once that the worst people for paying late, paying only part of the bill, or not paying at all were the millionaires.

K T Cat said...

Hey, I was nowhere near your dad at the time and anyway he did sloppy work.