Sunday, April 17, 2016

Experiment On Your Family

... not on your guests.

Short post. I've still got some weekend chores to finish. Yes, it's been that kind of weekend.

Last night's dude bash for my Cursillo mates was a big success, but it came at a price. I shopped much of Friday and cooked all day Saturday. When I throw these soirees, I like to make several dishes so my guests have choices. I do a few old standards and a couple of experimental things. That sounds good in theory and it's a lot of fun when it comes out well like it did last night, but by 9 PM, I was about ready to pass out from exhaustion.

Experimentation is a good thing for a cook. Throwing a nice party is a good thing, too. Combining the two is just too much. I'm sure I've blogged this before, but I don't have time to go check. Next time, I promise* I'll make one entree, one side and one starch and all three will be known winners.

I'm going to leave the experimentation to family meals. After all, if it turns out badly, we can always order pizza.

* - I'm promising myself as much as anyone.


Ilíon said...

Is it a social faux pas to serve your guests food they can't eat? ;)

Ilíon said...

... does each dish count as a separate faux pas?

tim eisele said...

I suppose that's where folks like Dr. Frankenstein go wrong. Experimenting on guests (or pieces of guests, anyway) leads directly to pitchforks and torches, while experimenting on family just leads to eyerolling and long-suffering sighs.