Monday, April 11, 2016

Campus Jihadis, Part 2

This kind of news item is too easy to blog about as the outrage is almost unnecessary. Here's the only part of it you really need to read unless you feel like you've not met your minimum daily requirement of arm-waving, exasperated rage.
Students at Portland State University (PSU) shut down a Board of Trustees meeting with accusations that the school perpetuates a “corrupt decadent white-supremacist capitalist patriarchy hetero-patriarchy.”
It's all gibberish, of course, and a gibberish that seems to be widespread across American universities. What jumped out at me was that it sounded like the ravings of a lunatic. When I see this kind of thing, I always wonder about the high schools and middle schools these nuts attended. They must be like Pakistani fundamentalist madrassas where the students memorize Noam Chomsky instead of the Koran.

The blame for this mania lies at the feet of the education industry. I feel like we've hired a bunch of crazed, progressive imams to teach in our schools. Which we have, if my daughter's public high school was anything to go by. The end result are groups of mentally ill college students who are given plenty of space* to grow and spread their insanity. Yay.

"Students must everywhere resist the corrupt decadent white-supremacist capitalist patriarchy hetero-patriarchy with all their strength." - American public high school teachers.
* - Another thing that occurred to me was that a normal and necessary bureaucratic meeting was stopped by a pack of madmen. It's like your local water district meeting coming to a halt to respectfully listen to some escaped psychotics bark like dogs for half an hour.

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Foxfier said...

Hopefully there will be saner options for college by the time my (homeschool) kids get there.