Saturday, April 16, 2016

And This Is Why You Blog

I'm throwing a guys' party for my Cursillo mates tonight while our wives are off working the women's Cursillo weekend. I do this every 6 months when we have our retreats. I blogged about my last one to record my disappointment in not having started early enough with the cooking and being overly ambitious with my plans.

That blog post recorded my menu. Today's menu was nearly identical.

I happened to read that because I was searching for my fried cheese grits recipe and it came up on my search for "shrimp grits." As soon as I saw that, I found something else to cook instead of repeating the Sticky Sweet Pork Shanks. The social faux pas of the season has been avoided, thanks to blogging.

Social media. Is there nothing it can't do?


Ilíon said...

Does the average man even know about "social faux pas"?

Ilíon said...

Or, is serving the same thing you served six months age the male equivalent of a woman wearing the same dress to two different weddings?

Ohioan@Heart said...

If a guy serving the same thing twice in a row was a problem, every pizza shop in America would go out of business.

K T Cat said...

Well, since I'm known for my cooking with these guys, serving the same thing twice in a row would be a problem. ;-)