Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A TV Ad Explains Why Primitive Tribesmen Adopted Western Culture

I love the "Settlers" ad series for DirecTV. This one is particularly illustrative of our recent conversation about primitive people embracing Western technologies like cars, tools, agriculture and domesticated animals.

If you're an American Indian mom or dad, how long could you hold out against your kids constant begging for video games and cars?


Foxfier said...

A background like that is why I'm around.

Specifically: the difficulty of Indian women adopting the biggest advantages to them-- medical care and houses-- as opposed to the relative ease of Indian men adopting the biggest advantages for them, like guns and metal knives. This resulted in a significant to me number of women leaving the tribe for civilization. Probably none too politely, either.

K T Cat said...

As a woman, the thought that a breech pregnancy wouldn't kill you would seem to be quite the incentive.

Foxfier said...

*hands over the golden understatement award*

Even a normal pregnancy and birth could be fatal, in the long term if not immediately.
And then there's the survival chances of your kids....

Foxfier said...

Totally unrelated:
your.... Word OF Good, did I get that right?... feature. Few links for you.

The kid with the old lady... a family friend is a fire fighter, and he went on one 911 call where it was an older man who'd had his foot fall into a gopher hole in his back yard.

He'd been there three days, in sight barely and in hearing easily of a bus stop. Nobody at the stop had helped or called anyone until that day. Guess they thought it was a prank.

He was fine, though dehydrated. And even laughed with the family friend.