Friday, March 25, 2016

You Can't Vote For Social Justice

... and think you're doing anything at all. Dig this.
Two students face felony assault charges in the beating this week of a Como Park High School teacher ... According to the charges, the two, who were not students of Rawlings, entered the classroom while class was in session and ignored his demands that they leave. When he tried to escort them out, one punched him on the chin, while the second punched him in the right eye ... The school’s assistant principal told police they learned that the two entered the classroom to assault another student over a marijuana transaction gone bad. The student said he expected one of the students to come looking for him and said that although he was in the classroom, he was wearing headphones and didn’t see or hear the assault.
A couple bucks thrown at the schools, the cops, the parents, the kids, whatever isn't going to change anything. When there are children who think nothing of wandering the halls of their school, looking for a pot dealer to beat him up, votes and laws and money and chanting and marching aren't going to accomplish a thing.

If you want social justice, however that's defined, you're going to need to get involved personally, one-on-one, with a child. Parenting can't be replaced by whatever it is you think is going to happen because of your vote.


IlĂ­on said...

And look at the target "student's" Shultz-like claim.

Mostly Nothing said...

So did you see the follow up? A teacher commented about how the students at Como are completely out of control. They don't learn anything, have no respect for anything or anyone, and spend most of there time working drug deals. No mention at all of race, it was a blanket statement of the entire student body.

BLM attacked him and threatened to shutdown the school. The St Paul School district suspended the teacher.

Teachers have started wearing buttons in support of him. At last week's district meeting erupted in chaos with parents and students yelling they were feeling threatened by this expression of support by the teachers. The district superintendent and council members left the room.

The superintendent is another of a long line of overpaid do nothing's for the St Paul public schools, and needs to go.

We are in an ajacent suburban school district and isn't much better. Fights routinely break out in the schools and teachers do nothing but watch, waiting for police. They fear for there salty and reprisals.

And these aren't the worst in the State. Minneapolis School district is even worse.

And people wonder why I sent my boys to private schools.

Como also ended my son's baseball carrier. He picked an 8 inning two hit game and lost 2-1 on 1 earned run. So no love for that school.

K T Cat said...

MN, I saw that article and a few more besides. It's a reservoir of tidbits for blog posts. I can only imagine what's going on in places like Camden, NJ.

I hadn't heard about the district meeting going bonkers because people showed support for the beleaguered teachers. I did see the bit about BLM.

Here's a connection to be made in a future blog post. When the debt finally becomes unmanageable and services and paychecks have to be cut, where are these kids (as adults) going to go? Who's going to be able to help them? It's going to be a tsunami of suffering.