Saturday, March 12, 2016

Way To Go, Lefties

Keep at it and you're going to get that American Mussolini elected.

Packs of pampered, sheltered progressives used violence and intimidation to shut down a pair of Trump rallies last night. Genius. After all, it's been working so well on the campuses and in cities run by progressives where authority belongs to masses of hyper-sensitive, aggrieved pantywaists. Too bad their environs don't reflect the real world. Maybe if they didn't shut down anyone with a differing opinion, they'd have known how badly this is going to backfire.

I would guess that, given the nature of the Trump voters, attendees at subsequent events will be, err, prepared. Unlike individual conservative speakers at their universities or the conservatives who live tens of miles away from their self-segregated urban enclaves, they'll find that the Trumpkins have resolve the likes of which they've never experienced in their soft, unrestrained lives.

Because they're never asked to produce anything, they don't have to work at maintaining civilization in any way. They have no clue at all that we need societal structures so we can spend our days working to support them. By taking their tantrum act out of their playpens, which the rest of us pay for, they've reinforced the notion that what this country needs is order. Someone willing to take action the old-fashioned way. Were you raised on stories of dogs and fire hoses, snowflakes? You've never really seen them in action? You will, you smug, preening losers.

Meanwhile, the rest of us will watch as the Republic is handed over to an authoritarian goon with less intellect and less purpose than the original Mussolini.


Ilíon said...

"authoritarian goon"

One of my pet peeves is this *leftist* mis-use of the word 'authoritarian' and thus of the uunderlying word 'authority'.

Kelly the little black dog said...

Who knew Republicans were so easily manipulated. You'd think the party that has propelled Trump to the forefront would be the one responsible for his rise. Who knew that a few college kids had so much power. Does this mean that if BLM activists start attacking Sanders that he'll start getting the Republican base to support him?

Ilíon said...

"Who knew Republicans were so easily manipulated."

Pretty much everyone who has been paying attention since about 1960.

K T Cat said...

A few college kids? Have you seen the videos? How about the videos of violence on campuses where it's all leftists going full-fascist?

Kelly the little black dog said...

One campus and one event. Its Chicago were talking about here. You're blowing it out of proportion. Where was the outrage over Trump encouraging violence by telling folks to stomp the protesters, and that he'd pay for their legal expenses should they assault protesters at his rallies. And I don't recall anyone saying anything even remotely similar in reaction to the tea party protesters crashing town halls and campaign rallies during the last two elections. So why does Trump get a pass on this?

And isn't it appropriate that the kids go fascist in response to a candidate who himself goes full fascist first? The GOP created this mess by not taking him seriously, and letting him fester. Blaming some college radicals at this point is truly ridiculous. The GOP lost total control a month ago when Bush 3 went packing with his tail between his legs.

K T Cat said...

Kelly, you're triggering me. I need a safe space. You can't be allowed to say or write those things. The Academic Committee will be looking into your eligibility. Expect to be expelled soon.

It's happening all over the place, amigo. The left is doing what it always does - going full authoritarian. Did you see that funding for the Koala got pulled at UCSD because it wrote something icky? A progressive comedy rag was punished by a progressive school administration egged on by progressive activists.

All they were missing was I need some muscle over here.