Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Average Temperature In Munich In December Is 30ºF

... or thereabouts. Putting it another way, I wouldn't want to be living outside in a tent in Munich in December.

Some time before then, the 4,000 invaders camping out in Hesepe, Lower Saxony, Germany, will be looking to go indoors. Indoors is where the village's population of 2,500 live.

Let's see here, 4,000 mostly young men want in. 2,500 mostly elderly may want to keep them out. How's that going to go? Probably not very well for the Germans in Hesepe or anywhere else.
Six weeks after Chancellor Angela Merkel's historic decision to open Germany's borders, there is a shortage of basic supplies in many places in this prosperous nation. Cots, portable housing containers and chemical toilets are largely sold out... Authorities in many towns are worried about the approaching winter, because thousands of asylum-seekers are still sleeping in tents.

But what Germany lacks more than anything is a plan to make Merkel's two most-pronounced statements on the crisis -- "We can do it" and "We cannot close our borders" -- fit together. In the second month of what has been dubbed the country's brand new "Welcoming Culture," it has become clear to many that Germany will only be able to cope if the number of refugees drops.

But that is unlikely to happen anytime soon.
I don't think winter is going to wait for them to get this whole thing worked out.

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tom said...

Time to accelerate the global warming, for humanity's sake. Rev up your VW TDIs!