Saturday, October 03, 2015

Putin's Coalition Of 6

6 1,100 lb bombs, that is.

6 FAB 500M-62 high explosive bombs are a typical load out of an SU-24 Fencer ground attack aircraft. That's what matters in war - bombs. Well, bombs and guns and tanks and supplies. The number of nations in your coalition is somewhat less important unless they've got troop transports loaded with infantry on the way.

Putin, at his heart, is in favor of democracy. One bomb, one vote is his policy.
President Obama is unconvinced.
The Russian president, he said at a news conference, had a coalition consisting only of Iran and Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad. The competing U.S.-led coalition, he said, comprises “the rest of the world.”
It's like he thinks the outcome of the combat will be determined by the vote of a faculty committee. He's got more tenured professors on his side, so he wins. The whole concept of war is utterly alien to him. There's lots more progressive, fairyland thinking from his press conference. This one just leaped out at me.

By the way, searching YouTube, I found this fun video of an SU-24 screaming by at low altitude. The SU-24 is obsolete as a modern combat aircraft, but that's irrelevant when the opposition has no aircraft at all. The Russians could be flying JU-87 Stukas and the results would be the same. Our allies are getting blown up and unless we intervene with guns and planes and bombs, they're going to die in large numbers and then retreat and then surrender.

Maybe once they give up, we could get them preferred spots in the mass refugee exodus into Europe.

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