Sunday, December 14, 2014

Watching MSNBC Is Worth 20 Melanin Points

Last night, I went to a BMW-related party where a guy was sneering at how "white" you were if you watched Fox News. The guy's skin looked like a clean sheet of printer paper and he spent his time crewing on racing yachts around the country when he wasn't jawing about the latest Beemers.


... but since he votes for liberals, he's not considered "white."


Jedi Master Ivyan said...

Ah. So race is like gender now. I might be white as a lily, but if I feel black, then that means something, right?

I saw some article recently about how Halle Berry thinks her daughter is black. Her daughter is in reality 75% white. Maybe I saw that here on your blog.

I wonder if one can have race reassignment treatments...

K T Cat said...

Today, I feel like an 83-year-old Chinese woman so that's what I am.

drozz said...

i always find it interesting to ask people who have such opinions if they've ever watched fox news with full context. In other words, outside of the Stewart/Colbert shows.

i don't watch fox news that much. but they at least try and get other sides of the argument.