Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Chivalry Is Better Than Regulations. Husbands Are Even Better Than That.

So in order to stop the epidemic of rape on college campuses that may or may not be happening, states like California and many universities across the country have instituted "affirmative consent" rules. That is, everyone involved has to agree to any and all escalations of sexual activity. That's going to stop rape.


Because if it doesn't, you could be expelled from school. Presumably, there are still laws on the books prohibiting rape and threatening all kinds of legal ramifications like jail time, but those laws don't seem to apply on college campuses.

Rape is hand-to-hand combat. Men are larger, stronger, quicker and more aggressive than women, all by significantly large margins. I used to watch my daughter's U17 girls club soccer team get regularly thrashed by a boys U11 team in practice matches. (If I had entertained even the slightest doubts about male physical superiority, watching those games cured me very quickly.) When it comes to hand-to-hand combat, my money is on the bigger, stronger, quicker, more aggressive person every time.

Laws and regulations are all well and good, but they only come into effect after the event. That is, for the boy to expelled or jailed, he needs to have committed the rape first. That seems a little late in the whole process to me. I'd hate to think that was my daughter's best line of defense.

Back in the day, when women actually acknowledged that they were different than men, they focused on landing and managing a husband. In lieu of that, the goal was to have a boyfriend or at least an escort. The husband / boyfriend / escort was expected to provide protection among other gentlemanly services.

These days, when we all seem to think the sexes* are equal, we're left with creating rules to deal with the absence of protective men in the lives of women. These rules, as I said before, that do nothing to prevent horrible things from happening in the first place.

Oh well. I guess that's just the price we pay for being so enlightened.

Here, a college girl shows her appreciation for the head of her university's Sexual Consent Integrated Product Team for having come up with a charter, mission statement and POA&M for the group.

*  - Maybe I should say "genders" to include all 8,712 of them recognized by Facebook, California, UC Berkeley or what-have-you.


B-Daddy said...

They're not using the term in the way you would normally define it. For example, if a guy has sex with a girl and had promised to call her back the next morning, and then he doesn't, she can accuse him of rape because the sex was obtained under false pretenses. If a guy is in a girl's apartment and whines incessantly about wanting sex and she provides, just to get him to shut up, that is also considered rape under the new college rules.

The actual purpose of these rules are to give women total power over men on college campuses. Rape is whatever a woman wants to say it is, so that they always have control over man in that environment.

lee said...

I'm very much afraid that B-Daddy is right.

If I had sons, I would: A) Highly suggest they do not go to college; and if they did, I'd highly suggest "waiting until marriage."

If I had girls, I'd also highly suggest waiting until marriage.

I have two spayed dogs and one spayed cat. It's cheaper and less nerve wracking.