Saturday, December 06, 2014

Anyone Who's Afraid Of The Guys In The Chess Club Needs Professional Help

MSNBC is a comedy station. It must be. Dig this.
CHLOE ANGYAL, FEMINISTING.COM: ...It is hard to read an article like this and avoid the conclusion that we live in a culture that hates women, just hates us. ... (I)t would be at our peril to pretend that this (rape) is just a frat problem. Yes, it (sic) at frats and football teams, but it also happens on the chess team and in dance companies.
So the boys on the chess club at your local high school hate women and want to rape them. Incomprehensible.

Or maybe they just hate people like Chloe Angyal. That, I could understand.

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IlĂ­on said...

"... but it also happens on the chess team and in dance companies."

Never mind that the guys in the chess club can't get near a girl without stammering all over themselves, aren't the guys in the dance company all "gay"?

Now, it is true that "gays" don't think much of woman, but I'm pretty sure that raping them is the very last thing on their minds.

Maybe it’s just that feminists have penis-on-the-brain: they're acutely aware of all the penes around them and incorrectly believe that all those penes are as obsessed with their wonderfulness as they (the feminists) are with them (both thems).